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I was recently looking for a printer for door hangers for a scouting project when I found the best place to print door hangers I recommend you look at Printing Peach.  The staff at Printing Peach isn’t the heartless automated machine, they manually check every order before shipping. They always answer the phone and provide you the quotes, information and advice you need. After placing my order i was impressed with the quality of the paper and how firm the door hanger stood up to the outdoors. Even when it rained the door hangers did not fall off after getting web. The most impressive part was the sturdy feel of the door hanger. After my daughter placed about 200 of these on doors in our neighborhood I drove back through the neighborhood a few days later and saw the door hangers still on the door and not falling off and creating  trash to be picked up. Our first order was just for a few hundred. Then after we distributed them we placed a larger order and got free delivery. Now I am looking at Printing Peach to print some flyers and postcards. We don’t often need business cards, but our next order will be with Printing Peach. When I called the staff at Printing Peach I always found them to be very friendly and their recommendations on colors help us make better decisions. We can’t afford a design firm and create most all of our printed material in-house and send Print Peach a file for printing. When they see a problem they quickly call us and we correct the file.