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As the internet connects the world, email communication has become more common. Today’s email marketing efforts are a crucial part of any company’s marketing strategy, and they can be a powerful relationship-building tool. When done properly, Email Marketing can offer valuable insights into customers’ behavior, generate leads, and turn those leads into sales. Below are several tips on getting a high ROI from an email-based marketing campaign.

Practice Good Etiquette

Current and potential customers should offer consent to receive marketing emails, or they should agree to do so when providing their contact info in exchange for something. As most marketing campaigns involve multiple emails, it’s important to reassure customers that their privacy and time are valued. Marketers should provide an unsubscribe button in case someone wants to get off the email list. That way, emails are only sent to those who want them, and click-through and open rates are increased.

Write a Compelling Subject Line

Creating a relevant, short and catchy subject line can help emails get noticed, and it can improve open rates. An email subject line is the customer’s first taste of a company’s offerings, and it’s important to make a good impression. Try to keep the subject line at 50 characters or less, and include an implied benefit for the receiver’s time.

Make Emails Eye-Catching

Not only does email content need to be useful and attention-grabbing, it should be short, easy to view, and visually appealing in keeping with the company’s brand. Many receivers check emails on phones and other mobile devices, and they don’t have time to read through walls of content—so keep email messages as short as possible while getting the point across.

Include a Clear Call to Action

Marketing messages are more effective when readers can easily act on content. Calls to action should be clear and compelling, so readers have a reason to act and a way to do it. Put a big button near the end of the email, and include a compelling reason to click through—that way, the reader has time to absorb the message before committing more of his or her time.

Following a solid plan when creating and sending marketing emails will provide better results than counting on luck alone. If a company understands its target audience and can make an argument that does not waste the reader’s time, they’re on the way to a successful campaign.

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