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Hosted email gives your business a much more professional feel, which should give you a leg up with prospective clients, especially in this economic climate! To stay competitive, helpfully sophisticated messaging tools can provide a highly efficient way to not just access communications but also manage contacts and schedule tasks.

Hosted email also has the advantage of allowing you to scale up and down as needed. Pay-as-you-go models minimize your risks while maximizing your benefits! Letting information technology professionals operate your e-mail server saves you time and lets you concentrate on your business. Even if you have your own IT staff on hand, letting someone else do the grunt work frees up your own people for more important matters!

And again, it all just feels so much more professional. Hosted email means that you don’t have advertising running along your messages. It means you needn’t see any yourself when accessing your e-mail. Such premium services are mostly geared towards small to medium-sized businesses, giving you enterprise-level power at a fraction of the cost of running your own servers like the Big Boys! Instead of fiddling with configurations, you just tell your host how you want things, and because it’s professionally hosted you can be sure of expert quality second to none. Why waste time with free webmail and the like? Plans are affordable and the convenience can’t be beat.

Again, you also look better, and in business as in much else in life, first impressions are lasting impressions! Have you ever had someone hand you a fancy business card with a free webmail account listed? How did that make you feel about the person or his or her company? Not very positively, in all likelihood. Well, spare yourself some of that uncertainty in the minds of others, especially potential clients!

With the electronic mail serving as one of the primary modes of communication, a professional business needs to avail of an email host for them to be taken seriously. There is nothing wrong with using Gmail, Yahoo mail or Hotmail but in a business where the competition is bottleneck, using these free services risks your messages to being trashed as spam by potential customers.

There is a need then for an email host that offers the services you need. There are numerous email hosts out there and if you are not careful, you may end up paying for more than what you need or paying less for services that are incomplete. In this regard, the two names that pop most frequently are Kerio and Microsoft. Just considering the two, Kerio hosted email versus Microsoft’s offering, one can get ideas not much on which of them is better but more on which of them better suits your business.

Kerio email host is often referred to as the Microsoft alternative because the basics being offered by the later are already available in the former. Just for a quick rundown, both hosts are great with connecting with people anywhere and anytime, synchronizing data with wireless gadgets, providing email securities, automatically backups your files and can save past messages in archives. Of course, both offer the regular online calendars and address books plus the beauty of having your own domain name and the company to help you when your email account encounters problems.

Down with the two being similar in services, the financial aspect should be considered. Microsoft is undeniably more expensive but they defend by saying that more pluggins are compatible with them and that their security system is more sophisticated as compared to the other.

So who wins in the fight of Kerio hosted email versus Microsoft hosted email depends on your service needs and probably your budget.