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What Are Digital Marketing Buzzwords?

Did you know that one most important aspect in marketing is the content?

This is because the content drives and encourages sales. And sometimes it creates buzzwords. So what then is buzzword? According to Wikipedia, a buzzword is a word or phrase that becomes popular for a certain period of time.

To state it clearly, in marketing online, these words or phrases are used in marketing posts.

If you want to learn about the words that mostly overused all over the internet today, then you must read on.

First is the buzzword ‘Viral’. You might be confused why this word comes something for marketing when in fact it would only imply viruses and spreading in the world without the internet.

In the world of internet, the word viral does not entail any virus or diseases. However, it may include spreading, well spreading images, articles and videos.

The second buzzword used in the internet to day is ‘deep dive’. No water, not even a drop of it when we talk about deep dive in the internet. It just means that you are about to go to further details on a particular topic.

Do you remember the generation Y. Maybe you do, and maybe you have not heard of the term lately, this is basically because has been replaced with the word Millennials. Which means the same, although better.

You must have heard about the term ‘Netflix and Chill’. So what does it basically mean that made it through for so long in the internet. Well it only means that the interest in love making come while on Netflix.

The nest buzzword is the Infographic. Well as you can see, as a marketer, it aims to always has a developed way to market online. Then there came the Infographic. This buzzword just means that the information is presented in visual charts.

We have the Thought leaders. No school offer a course to practice leadership. But it does not mean that we cannot have one. What are thought leader?These are people who are influential in certain matter. It can be great buzzword was it not overused in marketing posts.

Big data is used by digital marketers in making decisions. This is considered as a buzzword since it can be frequently used by any marketer in one sitting.

SoLoMo. SoLoMo is social media, local media and mobile app in one word. Just because no one has time to use all three terms in a sentence.

What do you think about these buzzwords? Share us your thoughts and a leave a comment below.

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